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Prepare your child with the "Story About School" 

Children are more comfortable with new experiences when they know what to expect. Start now, to prepare your child for the school visit. Telling them the story of going to school will help. This can be done as a bedtime story or anytime during the day. If they know what clothes they will wear, what's for breakfast, who will take them, in what car they will ride, and that Mom or Dad will stay at school during the school visit but a teacher will greet them, show them where to hang their coat, how to wash their hands and then introduce some fun works; like puzzles, number works, or letter works, a science or geography work or maybe paint a picture or have a snack. Remind them that at school, they will wash their own dishes if they have snack. They will clean up their work and put it back where they got it. When it is time to go home, the teacher will have them put on their coat and take their paperwork. Your child will know what to expect and feel more comfortable in this new situation. Be creative with your story and retell it as often as your child needs.


The Term "WORK"

In the Montessori classroom setting, we refer to the children's purposeful pursuit of activity as work. They know the important things their parents do both at home and in their professional lives is work. This word implies respect and high regard.

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